Dr. Cynthia R. Tyler

Sewing Enthusiast, Speaker, Avid Reader

SweetB Designs came into fruition from Cynthia’s joy of putting two pieces of fabric together. The idea of creating a product that a person needs and enjoys, provides a mood of joy. SweetB offers a service that is personal and customized to the customer.

  • SweetB offers an embroidery service. Embroidery is an elevated design to market your business, associations, churches (i.e. logo, text phases) or express your personal character (i.e. images, characters, monograms).
  • SweetB creates wellness merchandise such as non-medical fabric face coverings.
  • SweetB provides specialized accessories such as scarves
  • SweetB enjoys helping to re-design your home and patio. SweetB creates coverings for cushions, throw pillows, and curtains.
  • SweetB also partners with Let’s Pack & Go Travel Agency to design its travel merchandise such as hand-carry travel bags and any other merchandise to complement traveling.
  • SweetB transfers the knowledge of sewing to adults and youth through group and one-on-one instructional sewing classes.

SweetB Designs is dedicated to the loving memory of the owner’s parents. Her father believed life should be lived by your terms, yet being sustainable, responsible and continuously support others on their journey. Her mother supported and cared for her children solely as an entrepreneur and made it happen every day no matter the circumstances.

Mission – To provide personalized and hand touched products that fulfill people’s need and enjoyment.

Vision – Offering an individualized product that complements each customer’s needs and personal character.

  • Provide an individualized service
  • Provide a hand touched product the satisfies the customer’s personal need
  • Use quality fabrics and materials
  • Offer opportunities to learn the craft of sewing

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Phone: 1-855-6SWEETB
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