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SweetB Designs offer hand touched personalized embroidery, indoor/outdoor décor, and specialized accessories for consumer use and business branding. Each item is custom ordered and individually made.

Cloth Face Masks

SweetB Face Mask* follows the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC). CDC recommend wearing face covering in public settings along with practicing social distancing. Fabric mask wearing is to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus when worn properly. Wash hands before putting on mask and wash hands after removing mask.




SweetB fabric mask is a non-medical mask. The mask is constructed with a breathable and washable layer of 100% cotton fabric, 100% polypropylene material for added protection, elastic straps and an adjustable nose guard. The mask is equipped with a pocket to insert a disposable filter. SweetB masks are made in a clean and sanitary environment.




*SweetB Designs is not an authorized medical or health authority. SweetB makes NO claim this mask will protect from contracting coronavirus/COVID-19.


Enjoy browsing our custom merchandise. Embroidery/Patches and Indoor/Outdoor Decor are custom-made to your taste whether for your home or office space. To accomplish that, we would like to talk with you and get an understanding of your needs.

Please contact us at either or (855) 679-3382. We look forward to working with you and provide you a joyable product.


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