Strapless Face Mask 100% Polypropylene White Fabric with Filter Pocket


Looking for a unisex strapless face mask with a cotton binding hem:

  • to wear to the beauty shop or barber shop
  • does not disrupt your Cosmetologist or Barber servicing your hair
  • easy to wear and has longevity during your hair service
  • washable, re-useable, adjustable nose guard
  • has a filter pocket

100% Polypropylene non-woven material, Breathable, Washable after each use, Adjustable Nose Guard

Needed with the strapless mask:

  • Body tape strips that are placed on the left and right side of the face mask
    – adhere each side of the mask to your face and adjust the nose guard to fit
    test the body strips on your skin to make sure your skin is not sensitive to the tape
    the recommended body tape can be purchased through the SweetB shop (or you can purchase your own preferred brand)
  • gently remove the tape strips from the face mask after each use and wash the mask

Also be aware you might find that the mask’s material guards against chemical smells.

Each face mask includes:
– 2 sets of body tape strips
– Two disposable filters made of 100% virgin polypropylene filtration material usable for masks (a type of HEPA [high efficiency particulate air] filter)
– Washing instructions

SweetB Face Mask* follows the guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Preventions (CDC). CDC recommend wearing face covering in public settings along with practicing social distancing. Fabric mask wearing is to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus when worn properly. Wash hands before putting on mask and wash hands after removing mask.

SweetB fabric mask is a non-medical mask. The mask is constructed with a breathable and washable two layers of 100% polypropylene material for protection and an adjustable nose guard. The mask is equipped with a pocket to insert a disposable filter. SweetB masks are made in a clean and sanitary environment.

Fabric Washing Instructions (wash after every use):
- Remove the body tape from each side of mask
- Machine wash cold water (suggest putting mask in a mesh laundry bag); Hand wash
- Air dry
- No bleach

FiltersDo not re-used or wash. Suggested items that can be used as a filter (not an inclusive list):
- SweetB custom filters (100% polypropylene)
- Coffee filter
- Shop towels (from auto store)

*SweetB Designs is not an authorized medical or health authority. SweetB makes NO claim this mask will protect from contracting coronavirus/COVID-19.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

Medium – Depth 5", Large – Depth 5.5"

Body Tape Option

Regular Body Tape, Sensitive Body Tape


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